Is it Worth Trying to Claim Compensation?

There are some people that claim compensation in all sorts of situations and get big lump sums of money paid out to them as a result. There are also people who think that claiming compensation is not right and that no one should do it. Others feel that it is a big hassle and they cannot be bothered to do it. If you are in the situation where you could get compensation then it is a good idea to consider whether these reasonings apply to you.

Claiming Gets you Money

Some people like to make compensation claims because they like to have the money. If they have been miss sold PPI, for example, then getting back the money that they unjustly paid out can seem good. It was unfair that they were paying for something that they either did not ask for or was not right for them. There may be some extra on top of what they paid out as well and this could be seen as an apology and to make for any stress they may have suffered as a result or the hassle of making the claim in the first place.

Some people may feel that it is not right to do this. They may hear about people claiming money after accidents and getting big pay outs that they perhaps view as greed rather than necessary. It is a personal thing but you have to think about what the money is for. If after an accident, you cannot work then you will need money to manage. You might need to pay for things to help you recover and the whole experience could be very stressful and the money could help to pay towards a holiday. Counselling or other things to reduce the stress. Obviously, some people will suffer a lot more than others and so whether they deserve compensation will change.

If you are entitled to claim it is worth thinking about whether you feel that you deserve the money. If you have paid out money that you should not have done, then getting some money back would seem fair. However, if you have not suffered as a result then having any extra money than that would seem too much. Perhaps just claiming for any lost money rather than anything else could be fair.

It is not Right to do it

Some people just feel that it is not right to do it. It can depend on what we are referring to. There are people that make fraudulent claims and they are not right of course. However, some people do suffer as a result of lost income, lost savings or generally paying out more money and the compensation should cover that. If they have been conned by someone then they deserve to get that money back or if they are injured and cannot work so get no pay then surely the person who has caused the injury should compensate them. Of course, with injures it can be tricky as some people feel that if you are careless then you should not get compensation. This could become debatable as to whether it was your fault or someone elses and this is often something that is left for the courts to decide and can be a matter of opinion.

So, it may seem unfair for someone to claim if they were careless but in a lot of situations this is not the case and so each case needs to be considered as they will differ. It is also worth remembering that each person in different in what they think is fair and just so some may feel compensation should always be given and so may think that it should never be given and most people will feel it depends on the specific case.

Claiming is too Hard

It might just feel like it is too much of an effort to claim. You may think that the stress will not be worth it as you will not want to keep reliving the experience and fill in lots of paperwork etc. It can be a tricky thing, but you can get a company to look into it for you. They can do most of the work and you can just leave them to it. They will take a cut of the compensation or you may have to pay them so you will have to decide whether it is worth it. There will pros and cons and you will need to decide whether you feel it is worth it.